About Us

The Ovarian Cancer Circle is a network of individuals committed to our mission, guided by our Board of Directors, gynecological oncologist and medical advisers.





Paulinda Schimmel Babbini has owned an independent digital imaging business for over 35 years. As the mother of two children, her life was turned upside down in 2004 when her 17 year old daughter Robin, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  Robin vigorously fought the battle against this insidious disease but she succumbed to the cancer at the age of 20.


Ms. Schimmel Babbini has made a life commitment to heightening awareness of ovarian cancer signs and symptoms, particularly targeting young women.  She has been a passionate and dedicated volunteer organizing and fundraising for numerous ovarian cancer events. Ms. Schimmel Babbini has coordinated key elements of the annual “Lunch & Learn”, collaborating with prominent LA-based gynecological oncologists. She has committed enormous efforts to fundraising and organizing for ‘Walk-Runs”, women’s conferences, and health fairs.  In 2008, Ms. Schimmel Babbini was awarded the “Los Angeles Certificate of Recognition” by the City of Los Angeles, an honor that paid tribute to her exemplary leadership, dedication and advocacy on behalf of ovarian cancer awareness and education.